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All the Rovio HD games on offer in the Play Store for …

The Christmas season is getting closer and the offers begin to flock even within the Play Store.

This weekend we could take advantage of the discounts offered by Rovio for its games only on tablets, therefore precisely HD versions. All on offer in only 0.89, so you just have to take advantage of it since normally the price of these titles in the Play Store more than doubled.

The games include all the Rovio titles, therefore:

  • Bad Piggies HD
  • Amazing Alex HD
  • Angry Birds Space HD
  • Angry Birds Star Wars HD

[App] com.rovio.amazingalexHD [/ app]

[App] com.rovio.angrybirdsspaceHD [/ app]

[App] com.rovio.angrybirdsstarwarshd [/ app]

[App] com.rovio.BadPiggiesHD [/ app]

What are you waiting to take advantage of it?


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