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All inclusive for iPhone, a bug in the transition between months?

Is there a bug, potentially very expensive for customers' pockets, in Tim's iPhone bundle counting system? The report, for now single but very detailed and for this to be collected carefully, arrives at Macity from Nicola Best, one of our readers who owns a 16 GB white iPhone that has an iPhone 250 All Inclusive subscription.

I entered into this contract – Nicola tells us – with a credit card charge keeping the type of prepaid. I agreed by calling 4916 that I no longer had any remaining credit dropped to 0.99 euros for no apparent reason. I immediately called 119 who sent me back to an appointment with a 'specialist' who gave me a justification that left me stunned: Tim's system generates a 'hole' in the recording of bundled traffic in the passage in a month and the other from the All Inclusive bundle. In practice, you do not go immediately from one month to the other of the bundle, but in the middle there is a moment of non-coverage and if at that moment you use the iPhone to navigate, it does not draw on the data and minutes of the bundle, but you pay according to consumption

What this means is easy to understand. If what was reported to Nicola true, in practice, using iPhone in the night between the end of the month (between 20 and 21 August for our reader) and the beginning of the new and Tim's systems have not yet re-allocated the bundle of the new month, the counter-tax burdens the prepaid or the subscription, at rates provided by the underlying contract that are practically never cheap and in some cases are really very expensive.

In my case – Nicola still tells us – I still had 123 minutes in voice and 480 MB of traffic that were reset, but the new month of the bundle did not start immediately. Manager Tim confirmed to me that this moment of blackout can last even a few hours. 'Generously' TIM would have decided to reimburse all customers who encountered this problem for unfairly scaled traffic, but in the future, since customers should now be aware of the problem, nothing will be reimbursed. The solution would be one: do not use iPhone overnight in the transition between two months or check if the new bundle has started.

What reaches us from Nicola is not the first report on problems in the management of Tim's data bundle and in the information system. Among others are repeated emails from readers who complain, in particular, of the slowness with which the account is updated; in practice, by calling the numbers intended to provide a picture of consumption or by consulting the website, non-punctual information is obtained which does not allow to know what the real state of consumption is and when the bundle remains. Until now, however, we have never been told of a case like the one our reader presents to us. On the other hand, it does not appear that other bundles (such as those for Blackberry) have such an 'anomalous' behavior

Macity will try to find out more. In the meantime, the advice is to keep an eye on the account by carefully checking that the bundle is active and avoid using it between midnight and the early morning of the following day.