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AirPort: free and beautiful.

AirPort: free and beautiful. logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Wi-Fi market rediscovers all its dynamism.

The evolution of IEEE 802.11 (in systems to be differentiated in the name only from the final letter but which bring great news within) still being defined, but, given the spread of WirelessLAN there are those who even see it as a serious competitor ( obviously with completely different operating modes – localized access points and limited but interconnected networks) of 3G mobile phones: Symbol will soon demonstrate the NetVision Data Phone based on IEEE 802.11b.

Let's summarize what are the likely developments:

IEEE 802.11a = low cost and increased speed version (in 48, 54 and 72 Mbps versions) very popular among many manufacturers (Proxim, Intel and TDK will debut with Atheros derivative products already next month at NetWorld + Interop in Atlanta , same will be done by Compaq, Dell, Sony and 3Com deriving from Intersil models). Some compatibility problems with the "a" version but Agere has anticipated that its next AS2000 supporter card in both IEEE 802.11a (when available) and IEEE 802.11b formats.

IEEE 802.11b = AirPort = Wi-Fi, currently in use.

IEEE 802.11g = similar to the "a" version, but more compatible with Wi-Fi even if development is currently stalled.

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