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A website that decides if the links you share are dead or gone crazy:

Sometimes when we find an interesting video on youtube or a website that we think nobody has ever seen before, we share it with our friends through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. But most of the time we don't really know if our friends have already seen it or not.

But now, a new website called 'Is It Old?' will help us know if the link we are about to share is old or recent enough to be shared.

old? analyze how many times a link was tweeted and when it was first shared.

Whatever we find on the internet may not be the novelty, since "the Internet is moving at the speed of light – what is old by Internet standards very different from what is old in the real world", Is It Old? co-creator Per Hansson told Mashable. "If a hilarious week-long YouTube video, it's likely that many of your friends have already seen it."


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It can help you determine how long a link has been around, it doesn't necessarily mean that the more recent the link, the better.