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A joypad for iPhone and iPod touch?

A joypad for iPhone and iPod touch? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Will the iPhone and iPod touch soon have an accessory that will allow you to play the various games that are sold on the App store in a simple and intuitive way? If what Toucharcade a site specializing in the sector shows true to answer s.

In the photo you can see an advertising flyer with the Belkin logo with the image of a shell that encloses an iPhone and at the edges of which there are eight buttons, six of which are on the front. Their aim is to allow more natural control of games by transforming the phone (or its 'cousin' iPod touch) into a real competitor of portable consoles.

The JoyPod (this would be the Belkin product name) would also have an audio output and a dock for charging or syncing while you're playing. The case would be made of rubber.

The particularity of the system suggests that Apple may have contributed by including support for this type of device directly in the SDK.

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