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Yahoo! Search redesigned on iPhone and iPod touch

Yahoo! Search redesigned on iPhone and iPod touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

We already know how much Google has already invested energy and efforts in the production of iPhone applications, both native and web based. Now even Yahoo seems to have come out of hibernation and has started to present new web tools for Apple's mobile phone (and for iPod touch).

A new Yahoo Search interface is now available, designed for the mobile version of Safari. By logging onto, you can search through the Sunnyvale search engine.

The interface supports both Yahoo! 'S assisted search and the new SearchMonkey platform recently developed by the Californian company. The search results also return shortcuts from Flickr, local results, weather forecasts, news, and promotional messages.

Yes, Google has long offered interfaces that are now modulated and designed for the Apple mobile phone; but now also the (few) users of the Yahoo! will be able to use the service of the Y! Violet.

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