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XP will come from the sky

XP will come from the sky logomacitynet1200wide 1

A private party reserved for representatives of the main American PC brands is scheduled for today in Redmond, the release of Windows XP in the OEM version. During a meeting to be held at the headquarters of the Windows company and to which they will be present in large numbers some top managers in the IT world Bill Gates and Jim Allachin will deliver a briefcase with the XP brand printed on it. Inside the bag there will be a GM copy of XP which has been affixed some changes over the past few days. The group of managers will then board some helicopters, also these with the XP brand, which will take each one to the factories where the copies are intended. of the operating system. The first PCs with Windows XP pre-installed will be on sale from September 24th. The "sober" ceremony was preceded by the announcement of the prices of XP intended for end customers. The price list for the "full" version of the Home Edition was set at $ 199 ($ ??99 for the update); the professional version will cost $ 100 more for both the full version and the upgrade version. Despite the delivery to the OEMs has been brought forward compared to the calendar (it was scheduled for the end of next month) the presentation to the public remains fixed in October. For that date, the launch of the month will be the 25th of the month, supported by a huge advertising campaign. Microsoft plans to spend $ 200 million (around $ 500 billion) to which will add another $ 600 million from the IT industry that will support the presentation of the operating system with other initiatives. Overall, the expenditure will be double compared to that, then considered huge, for the presentation of Windows 95.

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