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Wild Blood is portrayed in a new gameplay!

A few days ago a short trailer was released in which some game scenarios were presented. TodayWild Blood it is shown in a new movie in which weapons and combat techniques are illustrated.

Just in these hours Gameloft has released on its official channel of youtube a video, in which it is shown Wild Blood's protagonist caught on with monsters in several truly breathtaking landscapes.

This title, as far as we can guess, would seem a pure adventure gamein which we together with our character will have to run around the entire map,to discover hidden places and objects. To block the way, mysterious creatures will intervene, which we should defeat to continue the adventure.

Like any game of this genre we will have magic swords, shields and armor available, which will be cataloged by different parameters that we will have to follow in order to best defeat the enemy without suffering damage.

Here is the gameplay:

(yframe url = ?http: // v = xn6vv16Vq_I & feature = g-all-u?)

For now both the date and the price are unknown, but in our opinion this title will be marketed for free with paid content.


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