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WhatsApp updates with many news on privacy and functions

In the last hours the social messenger WhatsApp, used by millions of users around the world, has released a new update for Android users, which as announced in the previous beta versions introduces a series of news regarding the functions and security of the service. It's about the version 2.11.186, let's see in detail what are the news.

WhatsApp comes out of a period in which it was the center of media attention for its acquisition by Facebook for the amount of 19 billion dollars, the app continues for its path of updating and introduction of new features previously traced, path that should bring in a few months the introduction of the possibility of being able to make free voice calls. Looking forward to this for available on Google Play Store the new version 2.11.186, let's see what are the news that introduces:

  • new settings of privacy for the last access, profile photo and status,
  • added link to camera for even faster photos,
  • added the ability to pay for your friend's WhatsApp service,
  • added the ability to have large video thumbnails in video chats,
  • added the option to view unread messages on the home screen widget (Android 3.0 and later),
  • option to share add / save photo / profile of a contact or group,
  • increased searchable conversation history,
  • fixed the sending of emojis on Sony phones
  • fixed recording volume of voice notes on Samsung Note 3 and Sony phones
  • Hindi enabled (Android 4.1 and above)

The new update of WhatsApp you can download it for free directly from the Play Store by connecting to this address.

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