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We bring the Android Kitkat lockscreen music widget to Jelly …

Among the many things that Google has introduced on the new operating system Android Kitkat, there was also a new screen widget which is shown in the lockscreen device. If you have always envied this novelty but you have a device with Jelly Bean operating system, thanks to the usual friends of the XDA community you can also bring this functionality to your Android smartphone.

A member of the team XDA in fact, he took the Xposed framework and created a module that allows you to reproduce this widget with related music commands even for devices with Android Jelly Bean. Simply called 'KitKat Music Lockscreen?The module offers some highly requested features for Android devices that have not yet received the update to the latest Google Android Kitkat firmware. Thanks to the installation of this module, you can have album covers as a lock screen background and new and redesigned controls for music.

In addition to this, this KitKat Musica Lockscreen module also works with other third-party genre applications musical among which we also find Google Music.The module can be activated and deactivated at will, and should theoretically work with any Android 4.2 operating system or later.

Kitkat Music Lockscreen available freedirectly from the XDAdove forum you can also find additional information on the limitations, as well as support in case of any problems.

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