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Wall Street falls, Apple holds

Wall Street falls, Apple holds logomacitynet1200wide 1

The reopening of Wall Street did not pass without damage. Even without a real splash, the losses have been serious and heavy, especially in the technology sector, although some stocks that mainly deal with security products and weapon systems have emerged strengthened from the "bloodbath". panorama in which the world of computers added to the pessimism for the economic crisis facing the horizon of the American economy and to the uncertainty of the terrorist threat also the troubles of a stagnant sector market, Apple was among the companies that lost At the end of the day, the prices of Cupertino settled by a penny below $ 17, losing just over 2%, which is not even the minimum of the last few weeks. Various factors play in favor of AAPL. First of all, the fact that the vast majority of analysts continue to recommend the purchase of Apple's shares to its customers. As also written in today's edition, the common opinion that the Apple company will not be involved in the price war that broke out in the PC sector and will be able to keep its margins almost intact as well as a substantial installed base. the widespread belief that Cupertino's management is maneuvering into the crisis better than other competitors do or can, which will end up limiting losses and better positioning Apple when the market starts again. Finally, there is always the awareness that the price / gain ratio for AAPL extremely favorable making Apple shares, which also count on a very high liquidity (more than 4 billion dollars) and one of the most important technological assets of Silicon Valley, extremely cheap.

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