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Virtual Sound Canvas MP1: a virtual expander for Mac.

The VSC-MP1 package contains the Virtual Sound Canvas software synthesizer in 3 different formats: VST instrument, Direct instrument (DXi) for windows, stand-alone. In particular, the VST version allows you to manage the entire collection of Virtual sounds. Sound Canvas in real time via your control keyboard, during playback / recording with compatible software such as Cubase VST, ensuring low latency in the transmission of MIDI data between the computer and keyboard, eliminating annoying delays during execution.

The Virtual Sound Canvas offers a wide selection of sounds with 902 instruments and 26 drum sets, including Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Brass, Bass and Guitars sections, with a 16-part sound generator for playing and recording files MIDI and backing tracks. The controller window allows you to easily assign Program Changes, adjust the Volume, stereo positioning (Pan) and expression for each Part. It also allows you to manage the level and type of Reverb, Chorus and Delay for each individual sound.

Main functions * Synthesizer software – 128 notes of polyphony, 16 parts * 902 instruments and 26 drum sets, compatible with GM2 and Roland GS * VST Instruments (Plug-in) for Windows and Mac (compliant with the Steinberg VST 2.0 specifications) * DXi Instruments (Plug-in) for Windows * VSC-88 stand-alone version (Win and Mac) * Reverb, Chorus and Delay effects * TVA filters for the fine pitch of the original wavetable sounds * Conversion function from MIDI file to WAVE file / AIFF

The retail price of the VST-MP1 Virtual Sound Canvas is Lire 149,000 VAT included. We have published a test of the previous version on this MacProf page. Virtual Sound Canvas 3 corresponds to the Stand alone version of the new product.