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Verizon: "Here are the myths of the iPhone 3G"

Verizon: "Here are the myths of the iPhone 3G" logomacitynet1200wide 1

In some rumors circulating on the Web, a curious document appeared made by the American mobile operator Verizon in which myths and false beliefs about the new iPhone 3G are described. The document for internal use appropriately titled "3G iPhone Myths" intended for Verizon sales agents. Recall, among the very first to publish the news The Boy Genius.

The document tries to refute some of the main features of the iPhone 3G, those most screamed by advertising and among the topics most capable of pushing towards the purchase: the goal is to make potential buyers give up. Among the most interesting points we mention the clarification about the 3G coverage of AT&T, the only operator to market iPhone in the USA and direct competitor of Verizon. According to the latter, the 3G network of AT&T would cover only 40 maximum 50% of the American population, practically half of the US coverage with EVDO Rev technology.

Another important point concerns the purchase price: in the document leaked on the Web Verizon states that even if Apple reduced the purchase price to $ 200, in reality it increased the cost of monthly subscriptions by $ 10, effectively increasing the overall cost of iPhone over the two years of the mandatory subscription. Still it is specified that the GPS of the iPhone 3G is not able to provide turn-by-turn directions, while these are offered with the smartphones offered by Verizon. Finally, the messages: iPhone does not allow you to send and receive SMS. Subscriptions also include a limited number of SMS.

The Electronista site however notes some targeted "oversights" that the operator Verizon provides misrepresent reality. iPhone 3G does not offer voice assisted navigation but could do so in the near future with an ad hoc application, created internally or by third parties. Finally, Verizon Premium subscription plans, the only ones to provide infinite SMS, all cost $ 10 more than the subscriptions available for iPhone 3G.

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