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USB GSM modem more compatible with Digicom.

Among others, the digicom Palladio USB GSM kit paired with the Nokia 6210 was to be displayed and demoed.The new version of the Palladio USB GSM can be used directly with Apple iBook and PowerBook laptops but also with fixed models.Digicom Palladio GSM the solution to connect mobile phones and Macs with USB port, allowing to transmit and receive data / fax and e-mail through the GSM network. Palladio USB GSM, a product that is constantly updated to be compatible with the most popular and modern mobile phones. today it can be used in the traditional way, at 9.6kbps with the phones: Siemens S35i, S35i, C35i, S25, Nokia 5110, 5130, 5190, 6110, 6130, 6150, 6190, 7110, 6210 and 6250, Orange nk702 and compatible, Ericsson 628, 688, 768, 788, 788e, 868, T18s, 888, Nec DB500, DB2000, DB4000, DB4100, Motorola Timeport L and P series and Motorola V series, while with the kit for Nokia 6210, phone compatible with HSCSD protocol, you can travel to the conside revole speed of 43.2kbps, in the countries that support it (not Italy)

We have already tested the Palladio USB GSM on this MacProf page, the increased compatibility makes it increasingly a "universal" solution for the use of GSM technology thanks also to the availability of cross-platform drivers.