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TUTORIAL: Let's learn Pages, the "made in" Apple word processor for Mac! Part 9: Abbreviations …


Pages, the word processor for Mac developed by Apple. In this series of tutorials we see together to take the first steps to become experts! Part9: Keyboard abbreviations and context menus

In this article we see how to use other tools that Apple makes available in the Pages word processor, in particular how to know the keyboard abbreviations and the shortcut menu of objects.

You can use the keyboard to perform many of the Pages menu commands and operations. To view a complete list of keyboard abbreviations, open Pages and choose Help> Keyboard Abbreviations.

Screen 2013-03-14 at 13.57.23

Many commands are available directly in the context menus of the object you are using. Shortcut menus are especially useful when working with tables and graphs.

To open a context menu:

Screen 2013-03-14 at 13.56.02

Click on a text or object while holding down the Ctrl key.

Warnings window

When importing a document into a Pages document, some items may not be transferred as expected. The warnings window lists any problems encountered. Warnings can also be viewed in other situations, for example if you save a document in a previous version of the application.

If Pages encounters problems, a message appears that allows you to analyze the warnings. If you choose not to analyze them, you can view the alerts window for the document in question at any time by choosing View> Show Document Warnings.

Screen 2013-03-14 at 14.00.52

If a warning appears about a missing font, you can select the warning and click Replace Font to choose a replacement font.

To copy one or more notices, select them in the "Document Alerts" window, then choose Composition> Copy. You can then paste the copied text into an email message, text document, or other type of document.


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