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TUTORIAL: Let's learn Numbers, the Mac made in Apple spreadsheet! Part 1: …

Online video tutorial

The video tutorials available at contain the instructions necessary to perform common operations in Numbers. The first time you open Numbers, a message appears with a link to these tutorials on the web. You can view Numbers video tutorials at any time by choosing Help> Video Tutorial.

On-screen help

The on-screen help contains detailed instructions for completing all Numbers operations. To open help, open Numbers and choose Help> Numbers Help. In addition, the first page of the help allows you to access some very useful websites.

IWork formulas and functions help and user manual

IWork Formulas and Functions Help and iWork Formulas and Functions User Guide contain detailed instructions for using formulas and powerful functions in spreadsheets. To open the user manual, choose Help> User Manual iWork Formulas and Functions. To open help, choose Help> iWork Formulas and Functions Help.

IWork website

See the latest news and information on iWork at

Support website

Find detailed troubleshooting information at / support / numbers.

Help label

Numbers provides help labels for most items on the screen. To view a help label, hold the pointer for a few seconds on the desired item.