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Tris, the clone of Tetris soon away from the App Store

Tris, the Tetris clone soon away from the App Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

If you intend to download Tris, the Tetris clone that is so successful on the App Store, do it by tomorrow, because then you may not be able to do it later. Its creator, Noah Witherspoon has in fact made it known that it has been warned by Apple itself that Tetris Company has contacted Cupertino asking that the game be canceled from the Apple store as in violation of copyright.

Witherspoon points out that he has good reasons to believe that his version of Tetris is not in violation of any rights and would have tried to resist if he were only a simple student and therefore does not have the resources to deal with a dispute. On the other hand, the game is offered for free and this certainly does not help incentivize Whiterspoon to hold on. For its part, Apple is not very helpful at the moment, given that, as the game's author himself points out, he would have warned the developer that if the matter is not resolved between the two sides, there will be an intervention by the store managers.

Whiterspoon promises that as soon as he has time to find a lawyer he will verify his position to understand if and how to resubmit the game.

Tris, currently, in the top positions of the most downloaded App Store applications. In Italy it is precisely in third place.

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