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Today the new judge for Microsoft?

Today the new judge for Microsoft? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Today could be another important day for the now very long saga of the Microsoft trial. According to some sources, in fact, tonight the new judge Cuti Toccher could be appointed to decide on the trial that sees the Redmond company charged. The magistrate, after Jackson's resignation who cut himself out of this phase of the procedure with a series of imprudent statements, will be chosen by drawing lots from a group of 18 accredited at the District Court of Columbia. The chosen magistrate will have the task of reviewing the conclusions of Law and issuing a new remedy against Microsoft. However, a review of the trial is not planned because the Court of Appeal found Microsoft guilty of illegal monopoly exercise. Many of the judges on the list, according to some American sources, have privately expressed the hope of not being chosen. The amount of work to be done to review the huge and very complex documentation for the technical specificity of the case. In addition to this some judges would not like the great media exposure to which they will be subjected.

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