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Three operators for the Russian iPhone?

Three operators for the Russian iPhone? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Will there be three mobile operators for the Russian market? To want to listen to Reuters and to what the economic newspaper Vedomosti reports, the answer would be yes. To open the fire of indiscretions, as reported by Macity two days ago, was the newspaper with rumors, judged reliable, on an agreement now close with Beeline and Megafon; yesterday the agency also put the name of Mobile Teleystems into circulation, the number one in Russia for contracts.

According to Reuters Mobile Telesystems and Apple have practically concluded the agreement and there is already a launch date for iPhone in Russia: the month of October. One of the driving forces behind the agreement would be 3G technology, heavily promoted by the mobile operator of the largest European country.

For their part, Beeline and Megafon, also interested in signing with Cupertino, would be trying to reduce Apple's claims in terms of terminals purchased. Too many for the Russian market and for a mobile phone costing an iPhone.

Russia, in any case, a strategic country for Apple. With 145 million inhabitants and a very high interest in the iPhone (the federation according to some analysts represents the first market for the unlocking of the iPhone) the Eastern country the last primary target with China which is still missing from the lot of countries where iPhone ( or sar) officially available.

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