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The Nike + for iPhone a fake?

The Nike + for iPhone a fake? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The indiscretion on a new version of Nike + presented yesterday by the French site is unfounded. This is what AppleInsider claims, citing sources close to those who work on the project for an update of the running accessory.

One he elements that would lean towards a product that, if nothing else, is not the result of an 'official' job, there is a screen showing the possibility for the software to access iPhone music. This type of function not provided for third parties and therefore, says AppleInsider, it could be assumed that it was implemented with the intervention of Apple, 'But this is not the case,' says the site.

The images could therefore be the result of an application produced by an independent developer who created a 'concept' of a product that could work that way. Whether there is really operational software behind it or not, all to see. In the future, in any case, a version of Nike + will also arrive for touch devices, says AppleInsider, but the wait will not be very short.

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