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The next 1 GHz Titanium?

The next 1 GHz Titanium? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Despite the forthcoming arrival of the G5, the G4 will not retire anytime soon. The processor currently in use in Apple's Pro series desktops and laptops, indeed, may face a still quite long life. To support this thesis, an anonymous who sent yesterday to MacOs Rumors a detailed illustration of the state of progress in the development of new processors by Motorola.The report (the same from which yesterday The Register had drawn the information on the new G5) refers in fact, versions of 1.0, 1.13, and 1.26 Ghz of Apollo, or of the MPC 7450 processor presented a few months ago. Samples of chips at this speed would already be in the hands of Apple who would be experimenting with them for use in future versions of laptops. If this rumor were true we would expect the release of a new Titanium from over one GHz for next February, a chge machine could make a difference on the market. For the benefit of the MPC 7450 it would play a lower consumption compared to the MPC 8500. (G5), an indispensable feature for use in a laptop. According to the anonymous MacOs Rumors, however, Apollo could be useful to Apple even if the MPC 8500 was not ready on schedule. In this case, the first Macs to exceed GHz in January will be equipped with the evolution of the current processor and not its new implementation. This hypothesis seems remote. Jobs considers unacceptable a subsequent slip of the release of the G5; if this happens, he always says the "deep throat" could have affected the same chance of success on the market by Apple.

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