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The father of i-mode: "iPhone is the real innovation"

The father of i-mode: "iPhone the real innovation" logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone creativity, the iPhone the future of the mobile industry. If you are thinking that Steve Jobs spoke these words in one of his traditionally emphatic keynotes, you are wrong. The emphasis comes instead from Takeshi Natsuno, a name that to say the least but that in the world of cellular telephony, especially the Japanese one, synonymous with 'mobile phone' and even more than mobile Internet. In fact, he was responsible for i-mode, the technology that first brought the network (albeit in a rudimentary and dedicated version) to the mobile phone. Natsuno with i-mode has revolutionized the world of mobile telephony in Japan which is still shaped around this system and has contributed to the affirmation of Ntt DoCoMo which has now abandoned.

According to Natsuno, iPhone everything that Japanese telephony cannot express: an easy-to-use, charismatic, captivating, innovative product. This phone could never be produced in Japan – says the inventor of i-mode referring to Jobs in an interview with the Associated Press -; to make a phone like this requires vision, leadership and a clear direction. The Japanese industry instead dominated by conservative forces ". According to Natsuno, iPhone is easier to use than Japanese phones and in addition it has an attractive design.

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