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T-Mobile has sold 125,000 iPhone 3Gs

T-Mobile has sold 125,000 iPhone 3Gs logomacitynet1200wide 1

T-Mobile rubs its hands: the new iPhone 3G has reached 125,000 units sold in a month. The figure totaled by Deutsche Telekom's mobile operator is disclosed in an interview by the CEO Hamid Akhavan to the German magazine Focus. The 125,000 iPhones have largely been sold in Germany (75,000), the remaining 50,000 ended up on the markets of the Netherlands and Austria, which in any case had a good result if we consider the amount of population in relation to that of the Federal Republic.

The German figure is particularly interesting when compared with the previous edition. The iPhone 2G had sold 120,000 units in all and in a much longer time (from November to June), a sign that the launch of a model with 3G technology was a winning move.

Akhavan admits that T-Mobile could also have improved the 3G model record if only there had been enough iPhones. 'But the launch in 22 nations simultaneously – says the CEO of the German company – has given us some supply problems. We expect that all the backlog will be satisfied by the end of the month

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