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Superdisks from Maxtor

Superdisks from Maxtor logomacitynet1200wide 1

Maxtor announces record-breaking records. Two new products, recently announced, will have dimensions and speeds of particular interest for those looking for the best from a storage medium. This is the DiamondMax Plus D740X, the first disk to use the new Ultra ATA / 133 interface. The disc, which will have a capacity of 80 GB, has a spin speed of 7200 RPM and overall performance 10% higher than previous models. A second disk, the DiamondMax D540X will even reach 160 gigs achieved thanks to its 40 GB platters. each. The spin speed will be 5400 RPM and will always use the Ultra ATA / 133 interface. The D740X is already on the market, at a recommended price of $ 250; starting from the first days of October the D540X will also arrive at a recommended price of $ 400. We remember that Seagate has just announced that it is ready to release a 180 GB disk.

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