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Steve Jobs gives different

Among the many companies that have decided to make donations, in various ways, in the days immediately following the terrible attacks of last week, Apple also wanted to have its say in a letter to its employees (an elegant way not to underline too much a noble gesture which joins that of many other large corporations), Steve Jobs, head of Apple, announced the following yesterday afternoon:

Team, the tragic and devastating events of last week have affected all of us here at Apple. We are all saddened by the victims and their families. Fortunately no Apple collaborator was among them. I know many of you who have spent time supporting or alleviating. the penalties of those involved, in various ways, for example by donating blood.We appreciate your effort.I want to bring to your knowledge that Apple has donated one million dollars to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to be addressed to the families of firefighters, policemen and other emergency personnel who perished in the rescue. In addition, we will donate an iBook to each of these families with children, for the upcoming holidays.Simultaneously with this announcement, Steve Jobs also communicated the cancellation, unfortunately, of the Parisian AppleExpo confirming that security problems (increased in all Apple offices, these days) are the basis of this decision. The letter ends as follows:

Now is the time, for the whole world, to take the right time to return to "normal" and sometimes things do not return as before. The next few months may be very difficult, please stay with your families for as long as you think necessary. Together we will try to get through this moment. As always, I am very proud of this group. Steve.