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Spore for iPod is available

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Spore, the new and highly anticipated simulation game of Electronic Arst, appears in preview on the iTunes store. A version for iPod Classic and iPod nano in fact appeared tonight on the online sales site of Cupertino, anticipating the date scheduled for the PC market by several days.

As we have repeatedly had occasion to write on Macity, Spore is a life "simulator" which, starting from the simplest forms, aims to recreate the evolutionary situations for the birth of more complex forms, all building a food pyramid. In the iPod version, derived from the "Origins" (a reduced version, specifically created for mobile platforms), special features are introduced, such as the possibility of seeing the spores dance to the rhythm of the music of the iPod.

Spore for iPod allows you to import spores from the Sporepedia website, to control spores via the clickwheel, to travel 18 levels and 6 worlds.

The desktop and laptop version of Spore scheduled for September 7; a version for iPhone and iPod touch should also be available soon. The cost of the iPod version of 4.99 euros.

Special offers

Other than iPhone XR: iPhone XS 64 GB at 705.90 euros

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