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Sony S-Airplay and Muteki XROSS FADE, iPod amplifiers

Sony has recently presented two new high-end products that are added to all the systems of the Japanese company compatible with iPod: the S-Airplay and the Muteki XROSS FADE.

The S-Airplay is a wireless system consisting of a central body capable of broadcasting its music through a maximum of 10 satellite units. Thanks to accessories like this, it is possible to build a practical music system in every room of your home, using the system's wireless range of up to 50 meters.

Each satellite can also be partially independent, allowing you to also use the AM / FM clock radio functions, or to select songs directly remotely, making it the ideal accessory for any environment. Finally, compatibility with home theater systems is ensured thanks to external audio and video connections.

Compatible with iPods equipped with a dock, and also with iPhone and iPod touch, the S-Airplay will be on sale from next September at the price of 400 dollars, with a central unit and two satellites. Each additional satellite will cost $ 130.

The Muteki XROSS FADE, on the other hand, is a 450-watt stereo system, equipped with three unit speakers and a mixing console, inside which it will be possible to connect two iPods simultaneously. This solution, ideal for DJs, allows you to mix tracks in real time, thanks to various features typical of DJ equipment.

The system also integrates an audio technology capable of recovering the musical quality lost in the encoding of the mp3 file, AM / FM radio, CD player and a USB input, in order to recover the songs directly from a pendrive or from an external hard disk drive, but also to record your mixes live.

Sony's Muteki XROSS FADE will also be sold starting next September, at a cost of $ 500.

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