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Songs pro Tibet, China blocks iTunes

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Apple is trying to understand the reasons why iTunes has been inaccessible for a few days using the Internet on Chinese territory. A spokesman for the company's local branch, Huang Yuna, announced that Cupertino on the move to check the reports coming from all over the People's Republic. 'We are investigating the problem – said the Apple representative -; at the moment we can only say that in several cases if we try to log in but we have no definitive answers ".

The mysterious problem that appeared at the end of the past week, coinciding or almost with the appearance of 'Songs for Tibet', a compilation of pro Tibet music released on iTunes on the initiative of some singers named, including Sting, Dave Matthews, Moby , Suzanne Vega, Underword and Alanis Morissette. Apple had given great visibility to the initiative, advertising it from the front page of iTunes in different countries. The impact of the LP had been strengthened by the large amount of comments posted by iTunes customers, more than 400 on the American site (there are only 7 on the Italian one) in which they spared no harsh words against the actions taken by China to repress the revolt in Tibetan territory.

All of this may not have pleased the Chinese government, which certainly does not have great sympathy for projects that aim to 'support projects to safeguard Tibetan culture important for the Dalai Lamas', such as "Songs for Tibet"

Asian authorities have not responded to requests for comment on the matter. for known that the People's Republic systematically implements the blocking of Internet sites deemed unwelcome or not compliant with the lines of culture and ideology dictated by the Chinese authorities.

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