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Samsung Milk Music arrives in Italy from 1st July

The music streaming service Samsung Milk Music, launched months ago in the USA by the Korean house, it is also about to land in Europe and Italy. In fact, the distribution of the service has been made official starting from early July also in our country, which will offer itself as an alternative to other services such as Spotify or Deezer but which will be completely free and without advertising.

Samsung Milk Music offers more 200 Radio which can be heard in streaming online, usable only on the devices of the Korean house and has inherent the classic features that we see today in the main competitors in the sector such as listening to songs, albums, radio stations also customized, with the sole exclusion of the offline mode which should arrive available with a new update by the end of 2014.

The news of the landing in Italy of the Samsung Milk Music service starting from the first of July we can now give it for sure, there is no official press release, but the message sent to users of the current Samsung Music service says it all. In this press release specified that Samsung Music will terminate operation with the beginning of July, and will be replaced by a new service that will be Milk Music.

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<p style=In a little over a month we will therefore be able to enjoy the services of this new one music streaming also on our Samsung devices in Italy.

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