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Samsung Galaxy S5: here's how to install the S5 and My launcher …

The presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 in addition to industry analysts and users, it has certainly affected the vast community of modding which immediately started a series of projects for the porting of many of the features and exclusive software provided by the Korean giant at its top of the range, giving users the opportunity to test the user experience that the device will offer to anyone who decides to buy it.

After seeing how to get the new one S-Voice, the ringtones, the backgrounds and even the system applications, the only element that escaped the community seemed to be the Galaxy S5 launcher, at least until the arrival of theE-Team who has, with a skilful work, made the apk available in addition to the installation procedure. To install the Samsung Galaxy S5 launcher, the procedure requires only a few small tricks, and minimum requirements such as:

Once these elements are obtained, the particularly simple procedure, as illustrated in the appropriate forum on XDA: first you will have to set the alternative launcher as default, a fundamental step to avoid problems during the installation of the S5 launcher, then you will have to delete the old SecLauncher launcher present in the directory / System / app / and reboot the device. At the end of this phase, when it is switched on again, copy the apk package, relating to the S5 Launcher just downloaded, to the directory/ System / priv-appand finally set the permissions inrw-rr.

Once this step is complete Launcher S5 will have been installed, restart the device again and, if you want to install My Magazine too, you can do it by running the process as for a normal apk, without any particular procedures. If all went well you will have nothing to do but enjoy the user experience of the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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