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Samsung Activity Zone: here is the download of the APK for the other devices …

Samsung will shortly present the new device Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, and an application called exclusive will be introduced on it for the first time. Samsung Acitivity Zone, which allows you to check the data recorded by the main sensors included in the device. Even before that application the APK download is shown, available to install it on the main devices of the seriesGalaxy that mount Android 4.4.2 with Touch Wiz.

The Samsung Activity Zone application is a kind ofcontrol panel in which the user can monitor the various sensors of the device including barometric pressure, coordinates via compass and stopwatch management. The functions do not end here, two buttons located at the bottom with which to activate the flashlight function (smartphone flash) with brightness level adjustment or use the same screen as a light source, also changing the background color .

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<p style=There is also a Morse function that allows you to transform a normal text in morse code, functionality for now restricted only to the English language. As said Samsung Activity Zone can also be installed on other Galaxy devices that mount Android 4.4.2 with Touch Wiz by installing the appropriate APK available below for download.

APK Download Samsung Activity Zone

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