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Root procedure guide on the new HTC One M8

Although it has only been presented for a few days and is not yet available for purchase, it will arrive in stores on April 4th, the new HTC One M8 has its own procedure for activate Root permissions on the device. We see in detail in this article the guide to be followed to carry out this operation.

Root Procedure Guide on HTC One M8


  • Auto Updater
  • News
  • HTC Unlock
  • root
  • DD Flash / Backup
  • ADB Commands
  • Fastboot Commands
  • HTC Drivers
  • S-Off (Future) *
  • HBOOT Flasher / Backup
  • Recovery Downloader + Flasher
  • Backup via ADB

Download Toolkit


  1. take your HTC One M8 and connect it to your PC with a USB cable
  2. start the tool in administrator mode
  3. click on the appropriate ROOT button and wait for the end of the process

Recovery procedure guide on HTC One M8

Download Recovery

  1. First, unlock the bootloader at: http: //
  2. turn on the smartphone in fastboot mode
  3. take your HTC One M8 and connect it to your PC with a USB cable
  4. rename the recovery in recovery.img
  5. use the fastboot erase cache command from DOS and then the commandor fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

In this way you have the privileges of Root and recovery on the device and as soon as the new HTC One M8 comes out on the market you already have the related procedures and guides ready.

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