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Review | The Bard's Tale: the best RPG for Android!

Finally we came to review one of the most anticipated and sought after games in the landscape Android! For the first time ever, we can say that we have tried the best platform RPG game Android. We are talking about The Bard's Tale, a game cheerful, fun and adventurous that perfectly shuffles all the cards in the classics Successful RPG and that we're used to playing on PC is consul!

The game was developed entirely by INXILE ENTERTAINMENT and a RPG(Englishrole-playing game) ie a Role playing game where we will have to move in the shoes of a funny person Bardo, in a setting Fantasy very suggestive, able to immerse ourselves in a fantastic adventure!


The story, although it is very varied, broadly traces the adventures of a young and fun Bardo struggling with dragons, princesses to be freed, monsters to be defeated, relics to be recovered, etc. All within a varied setting that passes from the plains to the hills, to the most unknown and dangerous woods, up to the beautiful snow-capped mountains.

The game, which features a longevit of even 20/30 hours, will allow you to carry out your adventures in sequence. In any case, there is also the classic RPG component, where you can explore a completely free whole way. Although of course, many adventures will be unlockable only after completing certain missions and after playing for some time.


L'RPG that we are analyzing has really a lot of gameplay fun, intuitive it's a lot adventurous, with inside a very ironic component that will make you several times to smile. For example, every now and then we will come across some sequences where there will be characters who will start singing songs that are really well done and also very funny!

THE commands I'm really very simple and a few moments of play will be enough to be able to understand how to best use them. Also important to emphasize the presence of a top view typical of games like Baldur?s Gate, that even if, depending on your tastes, you may not like it, in this case studied really well and makes the game even easier to play.

The role role also present in the management of the character, in fact it will be possible to freely increase some of his physical characteristics or some capacities thus making the protagonist completely customizable.

A very pleasant feature is the possibility of evoking at our convenience additional characters or particular spells, which will fight alongside us and which in many situations will certainly be of great help (especially to complete the most complicated missions!).

Graphics and sound:

The game is very well studied also in terms of graphics and although the textures and polygonal models are not at the level of other Android games we have to think that we are dealing with a role-playing game with vast settings and from huge longevit.

In any case we are in front of a Mister I also play on a graphic level and with devices Tegra 3 you can enjoy HD graphics with all the graphic features that exist in many other THD optimized games (beautiful games of light, crystal clear and dynamic water, particle effects etc.)

Regarding the sound, we are in front of a masterpiece! The game full of very appreciable and well-made music and every evocation action by the character, carried out through a sequence of pleasant refrains played through his beautiful musical instrument: the lute!

unbelievable the richness of the dialogues present in the game, in fact you will find a flood of possible dialogues with many characters in your path. Furthermore i voice actors in this case, they are real Hollywood stars as, Cary Elwes (The fantastic story) that double the Bard, and Tony Jay who gives his voice to the Narrator (very funny character who will narrate many moments of the game!).

In this regard it exists for one major flaw, both i dialogues that subtitles, they are all in English language which can create problems for those unfamiliar with this tongue.

Actually, if you know even a minimum of English, the game is still very feasible, because the very simple gameplay and arrows on the map, guide the player to the places where to carry out the missions.


This game for sure the longest running ever created in Android history and probably mobile! The game to complete requires 20 hours to complete the main quests up to 30 hours to complete 100% of the missions. Definitely a feature that speaks for itself!


The Bard's Tale a videogame masterpiece, a game that will surely be appreciated a lot by RPG fans but also by those who approach the genre for the first time!

Do you want to have fun wearing the clothes of a nice Bard? For the first time, even on devices Android, you will have the right opportunity to start a new one real, fantastic and funRPG adventure!

Here is the box with the vote and just below the connection box to the Google Play, where you can buy this wonderful game at 4:56! (a price more than valid!) Recall also that the game weighs 1.7 GB for the normal version, while 3.40 GB for the THD version!

(App) com.inxile.BardTale (/ app)

Waiting for the video review, we leave you with the video trailer which we consider very representative of the game:

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