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PP25: Downloading Cracked Applications for iPhone, iPad [Guida Passo-Passo]


PP25: Downloading Cracked Applications for iPhone, iPad (Step-by-Step Guide)

Apple tries to counteract everything that makes iOS more open. First of all the Jailbreak and with it the installation of Pirate Applications. Although it is always necessary to deny these systems to obtain Copies of Paid Applications in a totally free way, it can always be useful to test a paid application without paying to see the goodness and use of the app itself. Unfortunately, with Apple it is not possible to test the applications but you can buy them and that's it. Then if you don't like to ask for an epic reimbursement. Here comes a simple little program to help us, PP25.

PP25 a program that used to download free applications on iPad and iPhone with or without jailbreak so you can test them and then proceed to purchase the App on Apple's official AppStore store if the app has satisfied us.

Since with PP25 You can download pirated applications using an Oriental language program. Here is a guide on how to use this simple little program.

Necessary material:

PP25: Downloading Cracked Applications for iPhone, iPad (Step-by-Step Guide)

First you need to proceed with the installation of PP25. By clicking on the buttons indicated by the arrow.

You have to give the authorization to your Firewall, below the example of the Firewall integrated in Windows:

Once the installation of PP25 is complete, proceed with the installation of iTunes.

Then open PP25 which will appear in the following graphic format:

If you own an iPad or an iPhone without Jailbreak go to the Men on the Left of the Page with the red writing as in the previous image and in the Search Box at the top right you can enter the title of the App to search for (you can write it in English or in Italian too)

After choosing the application, click on the green Download button as in the following image.

The application will then appear in the Download menu by clicking on the blue down arrow.

Once the App has been downloaded, connect your device and on the home screen click on the button in the image below and wait.

Once you have enabled the device go to the menu under Downloads where the list of downloaded apps will be present, now click on Install (black arrow) and wait for the end of the device synchronization (it takes from a few seconds to even a few minutes per second the size of the App).When you are finished you can close the program by selecting the second option and then press the button on the Sinistea.

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