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Orange: "Yes, let's limit the speed of the iPhone"

Orange: "Yes, let's limit the speed of the iPhone" logomacitynet1200wide 1

French iPhone 3G users compare their performance on the local cellular network with users in Germany. The gap that emerges from the abysmal forums: while in Germany there are performances of 2 Mbps, among the best results on a planetary level, French users verify real performances around 400 Kbps. Immediately a consistent wave of protests reaches the technicians and help Orange desk. In some cases, the operator's employees change the APN of the most infuriated iPhone users and immediately record record performances, over 3 Mbps.

Contacted by FranceInfo, an Orange spokesperson confirms that the operator has intentionally limited the maximum access speed for iPhone 3G to 384 Kbps. The reason provided by the Orange spokesperson, also reported on the AppleInsider website, concerns maintaining network stability. Yesterday Orange announced that it will increase the limit available for iPhone users, bringing it from the current 384 Mbps to 1 Mbps, by September 15th.

The episode confirms the suspicions circulating since yesterday, in particular the results of a Wired investigation and a laboratory test performed on the iPhone. From both it emerged that the network problems of the new iPhone 3G depended mainly on the cellular networks available and not on hardware and software problems as was suspected until a few days before. At this point, the suspicion arises that the French episode and the limit imposed by Orange may also have been put in place by other operators in other countries.

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