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Office for Os X in November

Office for Os X in November logomacitynet1200wide 1

It will be called Office v. X for Mac 'and the new version of Microsoft's productivity package will be released in November. Presentation date and denomination were announced yesterday at the same time as the price was set at $ 499, something more than the current version found on the market at a cost of $ 459. Included in the package there will be the traditional Word and Excel and the 'all-rounder' electronic agenda Entourage. Just to Entourage, according to Microsoft, the greatest changes have been made by changing the structure so as to be more easily adopted by international users. Entourage can also support multimedia formats. The functionality of Word and Excel have also been refined without intervening with radical changes. Good news is the lack of controversial 'accessories' that are present in the Windows versions, such as smart tags (removed from IE 6.0 for Win but present in Office XP ) and the activation system that uses a hardware recognition by generating a single key for each machine to be activated via the Internet. Instead, the embryo of .Net remains, the strategic system with which Microsoft intends to rent applications or services on the Internet in the future. Office already has an application that can communicate with services on the Internet. As said Office will cost around $ 500. But there are discounts for those who have Word + Entourage SE and Office 2001 (price excluding the $ 149 discount for American users) and for those who have other Microsoft products ($ 299). Note that Office v X requires MacOs 10.1 and that those who prefer to use the 'classic' version of the operating system will not be able to use the new package, available only in a charred version. This particularity could be a strong incentive for updating the Os. Microsoft estimates that at least half a million Mac users today use a version of Office.

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