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Nvidia supports 3GIO

Nvidia supports 3GIO logomacitynet1200wide 1

Since yesterday there is also Nvidia in the group of industries that supports the development of 3GIO. The Californian company announced yesterday to join the Arapahoe Work Group which oversees the implementation of the standard. Nvidia's decision to support 3GIO an important addition. The system destined to take the place of PCI and AGP and the support of a protagonist of the world of graphics such as fundamental Nvidia. It is also interesting to note that Nvidia among the supporters of HyperTransport (HT) is a second standard that as 3GIO intended to increase the data transmission speed. Although focused primarily on communication between HT chips, supported massively by AMD, it is seen by someone as a competitor of 3GIO, who instead turned essentially to graphics buses and expansion card slots. Poich Nvidia is working on a reference design for a motherboard, called nForce which integrates proprietary graphics acceleration chipsets and based on AMD processors, many wonder if the two standards will both be supported or if for simplicity Nvidia does not decide to abandon HT which would be destined to have a very difficult life if not even to be abandoned.We remind that Apple in the group of those who join the HT consortium.

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