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Nokia Store can be installed on all Android devices [download apk]

The Mobile World Congress also brought the entrance of Nokia in the Android world with their own X series devices. These devices despite having Android, do not have access to the Play Store and Google apps, but rather rely on the Nokia Store. Thanks to a first porting made by the XDA community, the Nokia Store can also be installed on other Android devices and various applications are also usable on these devices.

The first application that was the subject of porting from Nokia X to other Android devices, the Nokia Store, which is a replacement for the Google Play Store. Thanks to this porting, now some Nokia apps can work without any modification even on normal Android devices. Some applications cannot yet be installed due to some API permissions and problems.

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<p style=This could mark a first step towards the porting of some interesting applications such as Nokia Maps and others that can therefore also be used on other Samsung, LG and other devices. The installation of the Nokia Store on your device Android simple, it happens like any other application, you can download it directly from this thread of the XDA forum.

We therefore await other interesting ports that open access to important Android devices on the Nokia Store.

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