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Nintendo heart for rent

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IBM could also sell the PPC processor at the base of the GameCube to other companies in the world of the IT industry. Big Blue announced it through the mouth of one of its managers, Peter Sandon who during a seminar announced that Gecko, this is the code name of the processor, can be sold to third parties even if the priority of Nintendo.We remember that Gecko based on the PPC440 processor, a low-consumption chip intended for network devices, but to which significant changes have been made. The clock was brought to 485 MHz and equipped with a cache directly on board from 256KB for a consumption of less than five watts. The speed is certainly not the best but its architecture, according to some sites, able to be constantly improved and implemented with new technologies and therefore potentially could become a day also useful for other purposes, perhaps even for new computer models intended for specific purposes , such as Internet surfers or sub notebooks. In this obvious case, think of Apple as a potential buyer.Initially Gecko had been designed solely for the GameCube and IBM had never mentioned the possibility of transferring the processor to third parties other than Nintendo.

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