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New iPhone 5S and cheap iPhone: A7 processor, fingerprint reader and marketed …

Now that the alleged marketing date of the new iPhone is approaching, rumors, leaks and incredible Fakes are starting to appear.

According to the highly reliable source of Ming-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities analyst) who talking about the new iPhone that will be presented during the 2013, stated that the new "iPhone range"Will be composed of the new iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) and the so-called cheap iPhone whose advances have proved very reliable in the past, back to talk about the new iPhone range of 2013, which as is well known will be composed of the iPhone 5S and the so-called cheap iPhone.

Ming-Chi Kuo states that the new iPhone I will show you the new one processor A7 built with a technology 28 nm, 8 MP camera but with a much better quality than previous iPhones and thanks to the presence of the double LED flash (White and Yellow Light) scatter spectacular photos in closed and poorly lit environments. Also run the new one iOS 7 which will be presented on the occasion of the new iPhone.

There marketing should take place between June and July simultaneously on many markets and the version Low Cost iPhone should be marketed in July or August.

Furthermore, given the harsh criticisms due to the poor technological evolution and innovation introduced in the latest iPhones after the death of Steve Jobs, the real gem will be represented by theintroduction of a fingerprint reader under the Home button in order to increase the security level of the new iPhone 5S.

While the new iPhone Low Cost should have the same technical characteristics as iPhone 5 but with plastic materials,6 different colors and a price between 350 and 400 $ based on the memory cut chosen 8 Gb or 16 Gb.

Kuo he also analyzed the possible technical characteristics of the new Apple products:

I'm still waiting for a real post-death news Jobs. After the iPhone 4 everything stopped. Both at the Design level with slight changes, and at the Software level, indeed here things got worse with numerous problems of the new Updated baked by Apple.

Bha we'll see.

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