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New chip technology from Motorola

New chip technology from Motorola logomacitynet1200wide 1

Motorola has announced that it has developed a new technology that will allow it to create processors with a transistor density 50% higher than possible today. According to Motorola, using a lithography system based on E-UV rays, Extreme Ultra Violet, which allow engraving more precise and refined and a new type of photomask, the material applied on the chips to create the circuits, it will be possible to create processors whose distance between the circuits will reach 100 nanometers; in comparison, a human hair has a size of 10,000 nanometers and the current processors have a transistor distance of 157 nanometers. The managers of the Schaumburg company think that when the E-UV technology is sufficiently refined the distance between the transistors could drop to 13 nanometers.Motorola plans to start experimenting with the new photomask and E-UV rays to produce chips starting in 2002 but use on a commercial scale will only be possible from 2005. When this system becomes part of the common use, the processor circuitry will drop from 0.13 microns to 0.05 microns.

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