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Motorola, the production of the G5 starts?

Motorola, the production of the G5 starts? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Motorola would complete the development of the PowerPc 8500, according to the usually well-informed (in terms of the semiconductor industry) The Register according to which the Schaumburg company would have already started series production.The MPC 8500, also known as G5, would have a maximum speed of 1.6 GHz but would also be released in versions of 800, 1 GHz, 1.2 and 1.4 GHz. Its maximum target speed would be 2 GHz which it will reach only in a short time. If the news was founded, Apple may be able to to release perhaps already at the next MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, processors that if they do not fill the nominal gap with respect to Intel processors, certainly they will get very close to us. It should be noted that the technology used by Motorola to increase the maximum nominal processor speed similar to that used by Intel to launch its Pentium 4. Schaumburg has increased the data assembly pipeline from seven to ten, which expected ilmente decrease the efficiency, at the same clock speed, compared to G4 with the result that an 800 MHz G5 will not be faster than a G4 with the same frequency. Obviously this figure becomes insignificant if we consider that the G4 should not be able to exceed GHz nor let it reach 1.6 GHz. Secondly, it is very likely that the G5 has an efficiency in terms of consumption and heat dissipation better than that of the G4. Motorola had announced the use of the SOI technology, Silicon on Insulator, in the G5. The consumption of the 1.4 GHz version will be only 26 watts when the 533 MHz MPC 7450 absorbs 14. The G5 will have twice the transistors compared to the G4 and will be built with 0.13 micron circuitry and the main bus will be at 400 MHz, the same as Pentium 4. This speed increase could be castrated, says The Register, by the design of Apple's motherboards and the technology used for the Ram. Finally, the G5 will be a 64-bit processor.If the calculations and rumors released in the past few hours are exact, we could learn more about the G5 and also have a release date at the next microprocessor conference that opens on October 15th.

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