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MobileChat, multiprotocol messaging for iPhone and iPod touch

After Palringo, a new IM client for iPhone and iPod touch arrives on the App Store, this is Mobile Chat. Again the software supports multi-protocol, in particular Gtalk, AIM, .Mac / MobileMe, MSN, Yahoo and Jabber. A good amount, even if less than Palringo.

Like the competitor, MobileChat offers the possibility to send images to your contacts, connect to multiple accounts, profile your messages and insert an icon of recognition taken among the images of the camera roll.

The real novelty of MobileChat concerns the already prepared compatibility with the next push service for the applications that Apple should introduce with the upcoming firmware. It will thus be possible in the future to receive notifications even when the application is closed.

Mobile Chat costs 2.39 euros and can be downloaded from the following link on the App Store.