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Merger of HP and Compaq at the EU exam

Merger of HP and Compaq to the EU exam logomacitynet1200wide 1

Talks between HP and the European Commission officially began today to approve the acquisition of Compaq by the anti-trust commission.The review of the consequences of the operation that led to the creation of a real giant computer from the EU considered a critical step by the American press. Only some time ago the commission, led by the Italian Mario Monti, had rejected the incorporation of Honeywell by General Electric and there are concrete concerns from some sectors that not everything will go smoothly for HP which may be asked to divest some sector to get the go-ahead. Other observers believe that the case of GE's incorporation of Honeywell has nothing to do with the merger between HP and Compaq and therefore there will be no problems. In recent days Mario Monti and HP management has already had unofficial discussions aimed at speeding up the review of the operation.

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