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Listen to YouTube music in the background on iPhone, iPod and iPad with Music Tube


Listen to music from Youtube on iPad, iPhone and iPod in the background with Music Tube

Musictube ipad

I point out today a new and interesting program for Apple smartphones and tablets. It's called Music Tube and, I assure you, very useful.

Music Tube an application that allows you to listen to our favorite music directly from Youtube on our iPad.

Spotify, the famous tool that allows you to listen to streaming music on the move, finally landed in Italy. Undoubtedly comfortable and also quite convenient, but for a fee. On YouTube, however, we have hundreds of thousands of songs and internet songs available, which we can safely listen to for free from a PC, smartphone and tablet, without a subscription and without paying anything.

Too bad that YouTube is notoriously a video streaming platform and was not born to listen to streaming music. For example, if you try to watch a music video on YouTube from your Apple smartphone or tablet and put the application in the background, the video will stop playing. And I think it's also normal, given that YouTube, precisely, born to watch videos.

But what if a person wants to use YouTube only to listen to streaming music for free?

Here's what Music Tube is for: allows you to listen to music on YouTube, also allowing you to put the application in the background to listen to music even while doing other operations on our Apple devices. Very comfortable, it was the program I had been waiting for for months!

And all this, then, offered in a way completely free!

Practically, with Music Tube you can listen to streaming YouTube music, leaving the app in the background, while maybe playing, surfing the internet, editing photos or managing your documents.

I forgot: in addition to listening to the songs, of course, the Music Tube program also allows you to watch classic YouTube videos and is proposed as an excellent alternative to the official application provided by Google.

The interface of the really essential program.

At the top left, choose your nationality.

Below in a completely automatic way you will have the musical hits of the period (the pieces of Sanremo dominate in Italy).

Below, then, we can also choose by genres, I chose the Dance and found the major Hits of Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, etc.

The genres are many and, if we were looking for something in particular, the relative Search tab will allow you to find the right music video on the fly.

Of course, then, we can add videos to our playlists, to always have them at hand.

Among the options, very important note, there is the possibility to select the quality of our video: you can switch from 240p for the mobile format to 1080p, to watch when you are under WiFi connection, to avoid consuming all the data you have available ( obviously, the higher the quality of the video, the greater the weight of the file).

The quality of the videos, of course, that provided by the Youtube videos.

Compared to the Youtube application, therefore, in addition to the possibility ofchoose the quality of the audio stream, and to the one that allows you tojust search for music videos,the feature that obviously stands out on all themultitasking support,which, as mentioned, allows you to listen to our songs even while doing other operations.

The application would be perfect if it allowed the stream of the audio stream only (to save a lot of internet bandwidth) and if it allowed the saving of the videos, but these two operations are particularly complex (and the saving of the videos would go against YouTube's policies).

Overall, however, Music Tube is undoubtedly an application promoted with flying colors, which you should all have on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Music Tube available on the AppStore at this address. It is free for a limited period of time, run to download it!

It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and also optimized for iPhone 5.

If you want to listen to YouTube music in the background on iPhone, iPad and iPod, this Music Tube is the program you need!

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