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Listen to internet radio on Apple TV? easy

One of the most interesting features of Apple TV is certainly to listen to everything that goes through iTunes: so you can buy music, enjoy audio and video podcasts … but how you can listen to internet radio accessible on your Mac and / or PC if on Apple TV does not have a special menu? The secret lies in the use of playlists and in the release of the latest firmware update 2.0.2 and later for Apple TV.

The simple procedure to follow: – create on iTunes on one (or more) playlist called "My Radio" or something similar (just press the + button in the lower left corner of the application window

– Configure Apple TV to synchronize with the computer you are creating the playlist on

– In iTunes, select the radios you like best and drag them one by one on the name of the playlist just created

– Start synchronization

– Once the synchronization is finished, you will also find the list with the radio list among your playlists in the music section: just select it to have the logo of a trellis with repeater and the name of the radio you are listening to on screen.

If you want to add new radios to the baster list, add them to the playlist and sync Apple TV again.

Use only the radios in the iTunes list: if you use radios that use wmw or other encoding formats (thanks to the QuickTime plugins available on your computer) and insert them in your playlist, Apple TV will not be able to play and you will bloccher.