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Jobs explains the renunciation in Paris

Jobs explains the renunciation in Paris logomacitynet1200wide 1

The cancellation of Apple Expo in Paris is not the only provision resulting from the terrorist act in New York taken by Cupertino. The Apple company, in fact, has also decided to strengthen the security measures of its offices in all countries of the world bringing them to the highest level. Steve Jobs, who communicated all the apprehension, provided further details on the subject. and the pain of the company for what happened as a result of the attack on Twins Tower in a letter to the employees. The CEO, expressing his pain, announces the donations that we mentioned this morning, in another of our news (one million of dollars to the relatives of firefighters, policemen and rescue personnel donated through the Red Cross and an iBook to all children part of their families on the occasion of Christmas). 'We also announce today the cancellation of Apple Expo – Jobs says – that was due hold in Paris from 26 to 30 September. We are truly sorry to disappoint our customers and developers, but their safety must be our primary concern right now. Apple, a prominent American company, and holding a highly publicized event right now would have been irresponsible. We have taken further measures to guarantee our safety – Jobs says – The security systems will remain at the highest level in all our offices around the world for the immediate future. Please immediately report any suspicious event to the staff involved. According to other sources, Apple's decision not to hold Apple Expo was due not only to safety issues that are certainly shareable, but also to logistical problems of various kinds. For example, visitors, stand attendants and material would have had serious difficulties arriving from the USA to Europe. Many flights are sold out for tens of days as a result of last week's cancellations and restrictions imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Government on departures and arrivals of foreign airline planes. Other difficulties would arise from the security measures necessary to guarantee the safety of the participants in the Expo. Jobs himself is a very visible person in the world of American industry. All this would have entailed, probably an increase in costs. The cancellation of Apple Expo, it seems, has been digested quite well by the exhibitors. The largest of them, such as Macromedia, Quark and Adobe, have made statements to MacWorld Expo UK in support of Cupertino's decision.

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