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iTunes ready for music to rent?

For years, Apple has not failed to present significant news in September and 2008 can hardly be an exception. This year, for the list of news that Cupertino is preparing to launch, it would be particularly rich, even if only a small part of the rumors circulating in the last hours were confirmed. The editors of MacRumors, MacDailyNews and also tuaw have received an email from the same anonymous source in which the news that Apple would be about to present are described point by point: among the main ones we mention iTunes Unlimited and an enhanced version of MobileMe equipped with iDisk functionality , to keep data on Apple paperbacks.

Before examining the details of the two alleged novelties, it should be noted that these are completely anonymous indiscretions and, moreover, sent to the three websites mentioned in a way that normally does not promise well: sending multiple emails. In any case it may be interesting to take note, with the pliers, of what reported.

With an annual subscription of $ 129.99 iTunes Unlimited would guarantee access to half the music of the iTunes Store catalog with 256 kbps music files. iTunes Unlimited could alternatively be activated together with MobileMe at a price of $ 179.99, while those who already a MobileMe subscriber could pay $ 99.99 to also add the new unlimited subscription service to iTunes. Unfortunately, always according to rumors, this opportunity to have unlimited access to music for rent, would be available only for the United States.

As for the "enhanced" version of MobileMe, Apple would be integrating the disc mode, to store data and files on the iPhone and iPod touch. When the disk mode is activated the iDisk folder is accessible while the supported format files can be opened while the unrecognized ones would be grayed out. Finally MobileMe will be able to manage the synchronization of the photos and the launch will take place in October.

Needless to say, the list of news that has been the subject of the indiscretion has not failed to raise the global curiosity, not only of the Mac world. For years we have heard about a subscription service and music for rent via iTunes and these latest rumors feed hopes of many. Once again, we remind readers that this is an anonymous indiscretion: a good and healthy dose of more than legitimate caution.