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iPhone with iOS 14 is shown on video: iPad-style multitasking

A video recently released on the net shows one of the novelties that could become part of the next, important iOS update: the protagonist is an iPhone 11 Pro Max equipped with a test version (non-public) of iOS 14 – this at least is what the sources who shared the video say, or the site 91mobiles, in collaboration with the leaker Ben Geskin.

The video lasts a few seconds, but it is enough to show theredesigned multitasking interface is very similar to what is currently used by iPads. The tabs of the individual applications are no longer superimposed on the carousel screen, but visible side by side in groups of four at a time – a swipe, as usual, determines their closure.

The new display screen would be activated by the settings of the build, as Geskin himself shows with an eloquent image (first starting from the left). It should be noted that the same selector is also present in iOS 13, but it is not active by default – it can be active by resorting to jailbreak. With the next version of iOS, Apple may therefore decide to activate it by default.

However, there are still many months left for the announcement of iOS 14 which, according to Apple's usual modus operandi, should be one of the protagonists of the WWDC in June. Since this is a function spotted in what is called an internal build, everything can change in such an extended period of time.