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iPhone in Greece, high tariffs but iPhone unlocked

Greece also has iPhones. The launch of Apple's mobile phone in the nearby Mediterranean country took place this morning, with the opening of the Vodafone store in Glyfada, in the most cosmopolitan of Athens' neighborhoods. The party organized by the mobile operator was announced in the course of yesterday, by sending an invitation to some of the main Internet sites and major newspapers, this even before the rates were known and the official website was official the launch date of the phone.

With regard to tariffs in Greece, as in practically all European countries, there is no disappointment about the prices charged. These are three main price ranges: one from 35 euros per month (100 minutes, 150 sms, 250 MB), one from 59.5 euros (300 minutes, 150 sms and 500 MB) and one from 89.5 euros ( 500 minutes, 250 sms and 1 GB). The price of the iPhone respectively 376 (8GB) and 460 euros (16 GB), 274 and 358 euros, 199 and 283 euros. The contracts last only 12 months and by signing a contract by the end of 2008, the volume of data traffic is doubled. There is also a version of the iPhone without a contract for sale; the cost is identical to that for the Italian market: ? 499 for the 8 Gb model and ? 569 for the 16 GB model.

A detail that contributes to making the plans more attractive in the fact that the old customers who decide to renew have an additional discount on the purchase of the phone, in this way the iPhone prices become in line with the Italian ones.

Finally, a few question marks on the phone lock. Vodafone guarantees the operation of the iPhone by voice and Sms with the Sim of other telephone companies, but a specific note that there is no guarantee that it is the same for data traffic and other services. The mobile phone should therefore be unlocked, like the Italian one (as demonstrated also by the sale of a version without a full pie contract), but probably there is a system to mask the APN, a practice already applied in the iPhone Vodafone in our country and that it can be easily circumvented.

Thanks for the report to Christos Robotis.